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”What The F*ck Is This?!! Nigerians React To Photo Of Lagos Corps Member Showing Her Under Wear

A Lagos Corps Member, Vivian Adaeze decided to show her swag on social and its causing commotion..See photo and comments below;

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Meet the 6 richest celebrity kids in Nigeria – You wont believe who is number 1 (With Pictures)

Richest celebrity kids in Nigeria: Just as its seen everywhere else in the world, we also have some young millionaires in Nigeria and these are kids that are not all born with silver spoons in their mouth but their gifts and talents have made way for them at a very tender age. Here is a List of the richest celebrity kids In Nigeria…

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WOW!!! Top 5 most notorious criminals in Nigerian history,No 2 Made The President Beg On National Television (WITH PHOTOS)

Nigeria as a nation has had its fair share of insecure times, when hoodlums, bandits and dreaded criminals threatened the lives of citizens. Below are 5 of the most notorious criminals in Nigeria’s history.

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UNBELIEVABLE: Dead Body Refuses To Be Buried Until It Took Villagers To House Of The Killer, See Shocking V!deo of What Happened Next

Happening now, to get full details just watch the video below….WATCH THE SHOCKING VIDEO REACHING NOW BELOW>>>>>> JUST CL!CK W@TCH NOW OR D0WNL@AD BELOW TO WACTH

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Shocking! What These Nigerian Villagers Discovered After Killing Huge Pregnant Snake Will Shock You For Days [Photos]

Wonder they say never end, today (this morning) we killed this big snake very near our neighbor’s house where they are clearing for this year farming..

I usually kill snake easily but this one really scared me… WHAT!! ! 40 Snakelets in one snake, I thought snake lay eggs but this specie carries it young ones till they mature, and that’s when they kill their mom, open it’s belly and crawl away..


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