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Na ehn! This one pass me ooh! Is it that the man is tired of rumping that he uses this means to get his wife high? This is so funny shaa…Just click to watch and download video below;

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Do you know that some Nigerian celebrities in the entertainment industry have managed to make their relationships and marriages last, but for every duo who stands the test of time, others just couldn’t.

Some Nollywood actresses have been in marriages which crashed amidst several controversies which did not deter them from trying again and again.

We present a list of Nollywood actresses who have headed to the altar more than just once.

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Checkout Nigerian police ranks and salaries – You wont believe the money they take home monthly


Nigerian police rank and salary is another valuable information to be provided for Nigerian. It`s pretty prestige to serve to the country by any way possible. While Nigerian army serves on the battlefronts against terrorist organizations, police provide the security within the cities of Nigeria. The Nigeria police rank salaries are paid from the taxes provided by the citizens of Nigeria. 

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Top Post Today: 6 mistakes in Davido’s “If” song, you never noticed that made it more beautiful


Davido’s if song is a dope track, no doubt. It is a hit song which has been topping major African charts. But many of you most definitely failed to noticed some little mistakes that occurred in the song, not that this mistakes are negative but they further made the song the perfect hit it is. Based on who Davido is, anyways. Here are 6 mistakes in Davido “If” song you never noticed that made it more beautiful

1. The beat was long cooked before Davido got his lyrics complete, though it was perfectly cooked to Davido’s taste but you guys will not believe that the fans most favorite part “30 billion for the account” was not part of the written down lyrics but a brilliant cover up by Davido

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Top Post: 16 signs you may have HIV without knowing – if you notice #6, #12 or #14, please visit your doctor


About 36.7 million people worldwide are currently living with HIV, and 1.8 million of those infected are children who contracted the disease from their mothers according to A shocking one in eight people who have AIDS do not even know they have it yet – are you one of them? While there is no cure for HIV AIDS, if detected early on, antiretroviral treatments, or ART, can keep the disease at bay and allow carriers to lead a fairly normal life. The only way to know for sure whether you have contracted HIV is to be tested for it.

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Top Post Today: 10 things you’re doing that make people dislike you – #9 is so silly but real

Things you’re doing that make people dislike you: There are plenty of ways to turn people off. In fact, most of them don’t require very much effort. All it takes is one look at your social media activity or a casual in-person introduction to make someone realize they just don’t want to spend time with you. Generally, you’ve only got a few seconds to make someone want to spend more time with you. Everything matters — from your last name to the smell of your sweat (gross, we know). We’ve rounded up some of the most common social turn-offs online and in person, as well as how to avoid them. Read on and see which ones you’ve been guilty of.

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Meet the youngest, sexiest and most beautiful Nigerian girl.. She’s cute! (+Photos)

17 year old Nigerian and Hungarian model Vivien Temitope Aruwa is turning heads on social media and in the Nigerian community. She is tagged as one of the youngest and sexiest models from Nigeria presently and might take part in the is Nigeria pageant next year..

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20 facts you never knew about the “Vag!na” and why some women are allergic to certain men.


Research shows that certain women are allergic to certain men but not to others. Don’t get it twisted, we have a lot of ladies who parade with this beautiful orifice in between their legs yet they don’t care to know about the nature and outright way to nurture this beautiful garden God gave us to tend. Whether you have one or you frequently visit many, there are certain facts you need to know about the female vag*na. This information is s*x or gender insensitive. It’s for anyone that cares to know about this male pleasure spot. Just the way this sweet orange have a lot of fibres, likewise, the female vag*na is lined with bundles of nerves.

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5 Things you should never do immediately after having s*x [!8+ only]


Having S3@.x:’ is lovely, S3@.x:’ brings intimacy but sometimes we act in ways that kill this pleasurable act. Most people are guilty of killing the mood due to their actions after S3@.x:’. I understand for some, it’s something they don’t do intentionally so I decided to write about this. Below are 5 things you should never do immediately after having S3@.x:’.

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Frank Edoho reveals the real reason why he quit as host of “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”


You have to be a newborn if you don’t who know the household name, Frank Edoho – this dapper gentleman was for more than a decade always the face of our TV screens every Sunday evening just right after shows, Fuji House of Commotion and Papa Ajasco, (raise your hands if you can relate!).

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