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Meet The 6 Most Humble Nigerian Celebrities – Number 3 Is A Shy Billionaire! Number 1 Is The African Richest Singer (With Pictures)


With fame, money and power comes arrogance for many celebrities but some have been able to keep it real both to themselves and their fans. On this list we present to you, a quick run down of six humble celebrities in Nigeria:

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9 Bad Pics Nigerian Celebrities Don’t Want Their Fans To Ever See Again,NO 5 Is Pure Madness (PHOTOS)


The Nigerian entertainment scene has seen quite a number of awkward and not so appealing photos of Nigerian celebrities at some point in time doing some awkward things. We have decided to bring you some of the craziest photos of a number of popular celebrities, some are not overly crazy but awkward and they all trended at one time or the other in times past.

Scroll along the pages and refresh some memories from the most awkward photos of our celebrities. We won’t write any stories with the photos as we know entertainment lovers are quite abreast with these photos and the stories around them…SEE THE PHOTOS BELOW

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Video: Calabar Woman Allow Her Gate Man To See Her Water Melon And T0t0


Calabar people and their love for kerewa wa, just imagine this madam want her gate man to see something, To W@tch This V!deo Cl!ck W@tch Or DownlO@d Below..

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WOW!!! Guys See How To Give Her That Will Make Her Brain Explode (OPEN ALONE PLS)


I am a husband with keen interest in giving my wife a good oral s*x, but I lack the skill and courage. Is there a better way to go about it? – Christopher Silvanus.

Below is the response he got from the therapist;SEE RESULT BELOW

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WOW!!! Top 5 most notorious criminals in Nigerian history,No 2 Made The President Beg On National Television (WITH PHOTOS)


Nigeria as a nation has had its fair share of insecure times, when hoodlums, bandits and dreaded criminals threatened the lives of citizens. Below are 5 of the most notorious criminals in Nigeria’s history.

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So Sad!! Tamed Snake Bites An Up-coming NOLLYWOOD Actress On Her Br3ast You Won’t Believe what Happened Next Until you Watch this Video


So Sad!! Tamed Snake Bites An Up-coming NOLLYWOOD Actress On Her Br3ast You Won’t Believe what Happened Next Until you Watch this Video…WATCH AND DOWNLOAD BELOW

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This is the latest method ritualist are using to trap people into there net most especially girls..WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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Guys SEE THE 6 Sensitive Places You Can T0uch A Woman And Her Mind Blow


It’s very important to know this 6 sensitive places you need to touch to blow your gurl’s mind, not every time you  jab in and squeeze the poor bre@st and a33 is time to upgrade.. SEE THE VIDEO BELOW…

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Check Out Five Signs That She Is Not A V!rgin, She’s Lying ( SEE DETAILS BELOW )

Apart from the signs you might be aware of when judging your girl if she is a v!rgin, I promise you there are other signs to look at for clarification. To be more specific there are marks in a v!rgin Girl’s body to note include: 1. F0rehead A girl who is still pure has a smooth forehead. After interc0urse, the slippery smooth face is always lost and some twitch (lines) will appear. The lines don’t look like the ones brought by old age. The lines cannot be removed by any face lotion or oil. It is not easily visible but can be noticed when she laughs or talks.

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SEE 15 Nigerian Billionaires That Own Private Jets In Nigeria


Despite its economic challenges, Nigeria is reported to top the list of private jet owners in Africa. The number of private jets being acquired by the super-rich class of business moguls, bankers, pastors, politicians and oil magnates in the country has put Nigeria as one of the fastest growing private jet markets in the world. Here are the names of Nigerians who are proud owners of private jets.

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